Why Choose AimBig?

The AimBig Difference – Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a job and need assistance, we are here to help you. Not only do our services cost nothing to you, but our programs are tailored to meet the individual employment and training needs of each eligible participant.

Our employment program offers services to upskill individuals and equip them with enough confidence to get their desired jobs. We strive to achieve tremendous success for our clients by giving them information about the current job trends and information about the Australian market.

We are partnered with employers and other relevant agencies to provide career assessments, information about the current labour market and various occupations. Our employment consultants will help you set your career goals and job expectations and prepare your resume to best highlight your skills and experience.

Following are the list of services that we offer:

  • Training and Upskilling Advice
  • Career Development Training
  • Skills and Expertise Building
  • Interview and Behavioural Coaching
  • Career Counselling Advice


  1. Training and Upskilling Advice

To help you find employment in your field, we provide you guidance on professional licensing and certification, credential assessments, job trends, and Australian market information. Our consultants will assess your training needs and provide you access to the training resources to upskill you.

Based on your training needs and qualifications, we will identify training organizations and introduce them to you.


  1. Career Development Training

We can refer you to services and programs based on your individual needs. We have a pool of specialists who conduct workshops designed to help you develop skills and tools to help you successfully find your desired employment. Currently, our workshops include training around job search, resume writing, and successful interviewing.


  1. Skills and Expertise Building

We have been in this profession for the past two decades and can clearly guide you on building your skills according to market requirements. We have successfully placed hundreds of individuals in industries through our expertise and connections. Our existing portfolio will give you peace of mind that you are in the right hands and one step closer to achieving your goals.


  1. Interview and Behavioural Coaching

To best prepare you for interviews, we give you details and requirements of the job and run mock interviews that will ensure that you can ace the interview on getting the opportunity. We guide you about the proper attire and other behavioural cues when showing up for your interview.


  1. Career Counselling Advice

We specialize in helping people with disabilities, injuries, or health conditions, looking for a job, and keeping it. We provide you an option to access free counselling services to prepare you for your employment better.