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Arriba Group Businesses

Rehab Management provides workplace rehabilitation, health, safety and wellbeing solutions to private and public sector clients. As a award winning nationally accredited provider, Rehab Management delivers tailored return-to-work services, injury management consulting, early intervention, psychology services and a range of workplace training programs.

AimBig Employment is a disability employment services provider, supporting both people with disability to secure, maintain and thrive in meaningful work, and businesses of all sizes to recruit a valuable and diverse workforce. Over the years, AimBig Employment has helped thousands of Australians improve their lives through genuine understanding and respect. Providing personalised services tailored to individual outcomes, AimBig Employment uses innovative thinking and evidence-based approaches to match the right people with the right opportunities.

LiveBig is a specialist allied health and assessment services provider for people with disability, including those on an NDIS plan. Recognising the need for high quality allied health services for people with disability, Arriba Group combined two of their greatest internal strengths - their expert NDIS knowledge and their people - to launch LiveBig in 2019. LiveBig focuses on the quality of its services, ensuring that clients are not only achieving but surpassing their goals.