Our Innovation

Innovation at the Arriba Group

Innovation is one of our core values and we look to innovate across each of our businesses to fulfill our purpose of 'Empowering Lives Together'.

Lean on Learning Assistance (LOLA) is a machine learning artificial intelligence tool, created to enhance the experience of individuals dealing with injury, illness, or disability through personalised care strategies.

LOLA supports clinicians, employers, and insurers in early risk identification and evidence-based prevention or intervention strategies.

This leads to improved individual health, quality of life, reduced risks associated with chronic disease, and decreased costs linked to health claims and long-term health service utilisation.

MyDirection has been developed for individuals with a physical or psychological injury or illness. It is a structured program with separate modules aimed at supporting their recovery. The beauty of it is that they can choose the modules they need to optimise their strengths and skills.

StepUpToday is a tailored rehabilitation programme for individuals with an injury or illness that assists them in achieving health goals through structured goal setting. SMART goal setting is focused on everyday activities, encompassing health and lifestyle, daily household tasks, hobbies, thoughts and emotions, work or study, family activities, and social connections

CheckInToday adopts a holistic approach to supporting an individual's mental health and well-being.

Through the user-friendly online tool, an evidence-based screening questionnaire is completed, and the results are promptly transmitted to Rehab Management. From this point, Rehab Management is capable of creating a personalised support programme for each individual. Organised into four tiers, the programme can encompass a variety of wellbeing support services, addressing physical, mental, social, health, lifestyle, work, and study aspects

SmartView is an integrated media hosting platform that enables stakeholders to effortlessly access high-resolution images and videos within Rehab Management reports.

The advantages encompass a deeper understanding of the demands of particular work tasks or the usage of specific machinery and tools, more lucid educational and training resources for employees, and a more extensive report of work tasks and environments for physicians and treatment providers involved in crafting customised treatment programmes.

SkillRestart has been designed to provide support and enhance one's digital proficiency, ensuring readiness for office-based or remote work roles. For mature workers seeking to re-enter the workforce, digital skills no longer need to be a barrier.

ArribaTown is a cooperative digital role-playing game (RPG) that allows job seekers to gather into in-person or virtual groups and work together to plan a party for a fictional town called ‘Arriba Town’.  The aim is to enhance job-seeking abilities by highlighting strengths, overcoming challenges, and collaborating with others.

Coming soon to AimBig Employment is the introduction of their VR service, accessible to Workforce Australia customers in Queensland. This service provides an innovative and immersive experience through virtual reality (VR) technology.

It permits participants at AimBig Employment to venture into diverse work settings and career prospects. Furthermore, it aids them in honing their job interview skills within a secure and non-intimidating virtual environment. The service also empowers participants to immerse themselves in various workplaces, refine their career choices, explore various job roles, and acquire insights into how prominent organisations in specific industries carry out specific tasks.