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Our People

Our business is people. That’s why we value those who work for us so highly. Our leadership understands that our people lead holistic lives, so we aim to engage them in a way that encourages the best from them.

We invest heavily in our staff to ensure we attract and retain the right talent. Through our comprehensive training and deep involvement in the business, we engage our people in our shared values. It’s one of the ways to ensure that we have motivated people right across the company.

By having engaged staff, we can deliver a quality offering that aims to exceed client expectations. As we continue to innovate, we can provide better solutions not only for those who work for us, but also for those who receive our services. With inspired people at the group, we will create better futures for all who work for us or receive our services.

Benefits of working at the Arriba group

  • Flexible work options
  • Extra week of leave (including recreation leave and volunteer day)
  • Earnd – access your pay as you earn it
  • Ongoing professional development and mentoring
  • Opportunity to move across the businesses and locations
  • A respectful workplace culture that values diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable caseloads (below industry standard) to ensure quality services
  • A commitment to innovation and technology to deliver cutting-edge services
  • High-performing teams focused on the customer experience and outcome
  • Rapidly growing company with development opportunities
  • Regular celebrations of milestones, initiatives and events

We’re committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.

Careers at the Arriba group

Being such a diversified group means that Arriba Group always has a wide range of positions available. Our businesses are growing, meaning that there are always opportunities to join our team.

At Arriba Group, we are always on the lookout for professionals in corporate services, human resources, finance, client relations, marketing, operations and more.

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Careers at Rehab Management

Rehab Management provides award winning workplace rehabilitation, health, safety and wellbeing solutions to private and public sector clients.

We are seeking area managers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and Rehab counsellors. Each year we also offer recent graduates the opportunity to kick start their career in Rehab Management through our RM Academy.

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Careers at AimBig Employment

AimBig Employment is a disability employment services provider, supporting both people with disability to secure, maintain and thrive in meaningful work, and businesses of all sizes to recruit a valuable and diverse workforce. A career working with people with disability offers a rewarding, collaborative and a dynamic work environment to fulfil your potential and empower you to make a difference. AimBig also runs a yearly graduate program. With AimBig Employment you will have access to the latest technology to work smarter, with genuine work-life balance.

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Careers at LiveBig

LiveBig is a specialist allied health and assessment services provider for people with disability, including those on an NDIS plan. LiveBig provides the opportunity of joining a growing, dynamic, innovative service provider within the disability sector that are passionate about supporting our clients to live their best lives through innovative, quality and dynamic programs.

We are seeking occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, speech pathologists and psychologists who truly want to make a difference. For graduates wanting to start a career in supporting those with Disability we have the LiveBig Academy.

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