Mental Health Month

As part of this year's Mental Health Month in October, the Arriba Group are hosting a series of webinars that will aim to provide you with the insight and tools to navigate the world of mental health.

They will be hosted by several experts in the field across the weeks in October. Please see the program below and don't forget to register to secure your spot.

Our Webinars

Navigating Workplace Psychosocial Hazards: Setting sail on smooth waters

Tuesday 10th October, 12pm - 1pm AEDT

Recent revisions to workplace health and safety laws are stirring up waves of change. Employers are now tasked with adjusting their course, ensuring their workplace is seaworthy and compliant. The Navigating Workplace Psychosocial Hazards webinar will be a journey through the changes introduced by Safe Work Australia to ensure safe passage for all.

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Deborah Shand,
Psychological Services Manager,
Rehab Management.

AI in Mental Health: The benefits and pitfalls

Tuesday 17th October, 12pm - 1pm AEDT

Dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications within the mental health landscape.

Learn what AI is and gain insights into the common AI tools reshaping the mental health experience and industry.

We will dissect the potential pitfalls and risks associated with implementing AI in mental health as well as highlight insights gained from Rehab Management’s implementation of a machine learning assisted triage (MLAT) tool called ‘LOLA’.

Join us for this enlightening session to discover more about:

  • What is AI?
  • Examine the common AI tools used in mental health
  • Benefits of AI for health users and the industry
  • Pitfalls and risks of mental health AI
  • Early peek at Rehab Management’s AI application LOLA
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Michelle Barratt,
Head of Innovation,
Arriba Group.

Put your own oxygen mask on first: Prioritising self-care

Tuesday 24th October, 12pm - 1pm AEDT

In the fast-paced realm of allied health workers and support workers, the focus on others often overshadows the wellbeing of the caregivers themselves. This webinar highlights how prioritising one's wellbeing is essential for sustaining quality care. Discover actionable strategies to prevent burnout, enhance resilience, and foster a healthier approach to caregiving. Join us to shift the narrative, understanding that self-care isn't selfish—it's a professional responsibility that benefits both caregivers and those they serve.

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Juliet Middleton,