Marcella Romero

Driven by the desire to help vulnerable people, Marcella Romero studied occupational therapy & completed a Postgraduate (Occ Rehab) and a Masters in Health Sciences before founding her first company, Rehab Management in 1998.

Marcella expanded her business from a one-woman home office to a successful group employing over 600 people nationally across 150 offices.

Today, Arriba Group comprises three successful enterprises — Rehab Management, AimBig Employment and LiveBig. For over 26 years, Arriba Group has positively impacted the lives of more than 750,000 Australians following injury, disability, or ill health.

Marcella is a strategic, dynamic leader and entrepreneur who puts her business success down to passion, and working harder, longer, and smarter. She is known for challenging the status quo, her collaborative attitude, her willingness to take advantage of opportunities and her ability to take risks to make informed strategic decisions.

Marcella’s family is her touchstone, crediting her husband Craig and their three children for keeping her continually focused on doing her best.

Marcella’s entrepreneurial achievements have been recognised by multiple industry awards, including EY Entrepreneur of The Year™ National Finalists (2023) and CEO & Entrepreneur of the Year from the CEO Magazine Global (2021).