Feeling the love at Arriba Group

Whilst we know the 14th February is a day for celebrating the loves in our lives, we thought it a great opportunity for our people to celebrate what they love about working at the Arriba Group. 

After speaking with some of the team, it’s clear there is a lot to love, but one key theme runs true. It is the people that make the company so great. Here are the Arriba Group, we are so lucky to work with so many incredible humans and it is our employees, the engine room of the organisation that make us all so lucky to be here. 

Here’s what some of them had to say…

“Having such an amazing team to work with! #Dreamteam” 

Sarah Miranda, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Arriba Group 


“The people and friendships that are developing over time, even if it’s just been virtual 🙂 .  Looking forward to the new set of challenges and seeing how I can apply my experience in improving day to day operations.” 

Lloyd Jansen, Head of IT Applications, Arriba Group 


“The Arriba Group people.  We have such an inspirational leader in Marcella, a highly talented Senior Leadership Team and very committed and skilled teams across the Group.  Together we can.” 

Glenn Meekin, Chief Financial Officer 


“I’ve always loved the dynamic and agile culture. The fact that the Arriba Group never stands still and is always progressing, looking at new opportunities for growth and innovation to support our communities.” 

Christina Abufhele, Head of Quality & Compliance 


“The warm welcome when you arrive, the company’s youthful exuberance and the signature rip-roaring red!” 

Kate Smith, Head of Risk 


“Working in a super friendly environment with people and a team who are always happy to help. But also to know that everything we do is to make a difference for people” 

Jocelyn Straub, Digital Marketing Manager 


“The wonderful people across the country” 

Gillian Duff, Property Manager, Arriba Group 


“I would say it’s the people. I love how everyone I work with across the company are very passionate and dedicated about what they do. Everyone is a delight to work with.” 

Depar Din, Head of Data Analytics 


If you’re interested in joining some of the fantastic people that make up our team, check out our Working with us page to see some of the great benefits available.