Congratulations to our Arriba Group Annual Award winners

Last month, we gathered for the Arriba Annual Awards Presentation held at our World Square office, with teams from across Australia joining in virtually. Among the highlights of the event were the nominations of several outstanding individuals who emerged as finalists, ultimately leading to the announcement and celebration of our esteemed Award Winners. A massive congratulations to all the Award Winners that were named, each one very well deserved!

Award Winners:

Inspirador Award – Dominique Higgins (Rehab Management)
Corporate Services Award – Yan Finnerty (Arriba Group)
Rookie of the Year – Ray Nawaz (Rehab Management)
RM Consultant of the Year – Alex Treanor
RM Manager of the Year – Nikki Baker
AimBig Team Member of the Year – Tanya Timmermans
AimBig Manager of the Year – Elise Davis
LiveBig Clinician of the Year – Amanda Trist
LiveBig Manager of the Year – Emma Thomas
People-Passionate – Claudia Rizzotto (Rehab Management)
Dynamic & Agile – Liana Beauman (Rehab Management)
Innovation-Driven – Edward Cull (LiveBig)
Customer-Focused – Aakriti Dayal (AimBig)
Quality-Orientated – Michelle Payne (Rehab Management)
CEO Award awarded by Marcella – Ayden Demeijer (Rehab Management)

The abundance of awards serves as a resounding testament to the unwavering hard work and wholehearted dedication exhibited by every individual, as they consistently embody and breathe life into the core values of our group. Congratulations once again to all finalist and winners!