How people across the Arriba Group live the purpose

At the Arriba Group, our purpose is ‘empowering lives together.’

Through our purpose statement we recognise that although it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, our main goal is to help and support our clients. Whether someone has a disability, managing injuries or an employer is looking to recruit, at the Arriba Group we strive to empower the lives of our people together.

We’ve asked the people of Arriba Group to tell us how they embody our purpose statement within their own, individual work. Please see some of our responses below.

‘I commit to empowering lives in my role through active collaboration with our people and customers. I commit to using my industry knowledge, experiences, and passion to educate and enable our people to create WOW factor moments that assist us to achieve our mission and positively influence the lives of our customers.’ Kellie (AimBig customer and innovation team)

‘To work together as a team to support our participants to get back into employment without them feeling like just a number. Taking on new responsibilities and tasks within our role so we can assist our participants in the best way when they first make contact.’ Georgia (AimBig customer and Innovation team)

‘Empowering lives means creating a positive environment and providing the right support to people so they can make the most of opportunities and reach their potential.’Will (Arriba Corporate)

‘Through working together with the marketing team and business units to get the voice of Arriba into the community to inform people with disability of the services available to them, to in turn empower their own lives.’ Andrew (Arriba Corporate)



‘I love connecting with clients and their families, taking the time to listen to their individual stories, building rapport and trust, identifying strengths, values and goals that will enable them to engage in meaningful activities in daily life.’Karen (LiveBig, Occupational Therapist)

I love our purpose statement as, for me, it very concisely captures why I’ve now been in OR for 10 years. Being able to contribute to empowering other people’s lives is a pretty special feeling. Now in a management role I experience that purpose by empowering my team to be the best they can be to then in turn empower the lives of our clients and stakeholders.’Beau (Rehab Management, Regional Manager)

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