Meet a LiveBig Team Member – Lyudmyla Dendtler, General Manager


LiveBig is excited to welcome new General Manager Lyudmyla Dendtler (Lyuda).

Lyuda Dendtler is new to the LiveBig team, having commenced in March 2020. She has 20 years’ experience in the disability sector, with a long track record in senior roles, making her an expert in the NDIS arena. Her primary motivation for working in the disability sector and for joining LiveBig is so that she can continue to lead a team of capable individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with disability.

Lyuda’s foray into the world of disability services began when a friend suggested she apply for a casual role as a social educator, which she did and got the job. Her focus in this role was in arts and crafts, helping people with disability to improve fine motor skills, develop creativity, obtain a hobby and interact socially. In this position, Lyuda had the opportunity to meet people with disability individually, connect with them and help them to achieve their goals. She loved this aspect of the role so much that she decided that the disability services sector was where she wanted to stay.

Over the next few years, Lyuda focussed on developing her studies in Business Management, Inclusive Education and Disability Studies at Australian Catholic University. While studying, she continued her work in the disability services sector and progressed through various roles. She has lead service delivery teams for companies including Disability Services Australia, Northcott and Wesley Mission.

Throughout her career, Lyuda has had a heavy focus on working with people with acquired brain injury and intellectual disability. Nothing made Lyuda happier than to see a young person with disability move out of a nursing home and into their own accommodation. Lyuda leads a team of professionals to assist these people in establishing the necessary supports and therapy required so that they can take care of themselves, providing them with independence and bringing them a sense of inner pride and achievement.

With Lyuda’s extensive background and knowledge, we have already started to see positive transformations in the LiveBig business – particularly in this unusual time with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Lyuda recognises how critical it is for certain people with disability to continue to access allied health services and improve their health and wellbeing (while staying safe). Under Lyuda’s leadership, LiveBig has been able to transition many of LiveBig’s formerly in-person services to the remote, digital RMReach telehealth platform. Through the RMReach telehealth platform, location is no barrier – the LiveBig team can provide services to people with disability Australia-wide. This change is just one of many that Lyuda has planned to transform the LiveBig business in the coming months.

Since joining LiveBig, Lyuda has been impressed with how the principles and values of the parent company Arriba Group flow down into the different businesses, including LiveBig. She says: “Arriba Group is a vibrant and energetic company, and much of this comes from the leadership of Arriba Group CEO Marcella Romero. I like that Arriba Group places a high focus on innovation, and how the company challenges the status quo to adapt and provide the best possible services to suit clients’ needs. The skills within the company are fantastic. Our goal is to continue to get to know our clients well and maintain that focus. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and we will always be transparent and ethical in our practice.”

We are so excited to have Lyuda on board and look forward to her leading the helm in the provision of service excellence and support for our clients.

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