Dedicating Valentine’s Day to Our People

Our teams across the Arriba Group work hard to support AimBig Employment, Rehab Management and LiveBig to improve the quality of lives of their clients. Working in Finance, IT, Compliance and WHS, Marketing or People, Culture and Talent, our diverse and passionate staff play meaningful roles.

As today is the day of celebrating love, we wanted to share why our team love working with people at the Arriba Group.

“I love that my team feels like a little family unit, we all support one another, and we are definitely up for a laugh.” Dawn, Risk and Compliance Consultant

“I get to know people from every corner of the company (because, really, who never asked Accounts to pay bills!) Everyone is polite, professional, respectful yet friendly – and that makes me happy to do my job every day.” Saori, Accounts Payable Officer.

“The two things I love about working with people in my role is the satisfaction I get when solving complex issues and that everyone is always so appreciative of my contribution.” Naasif, IT Service Delivery Manager.

“I love everyone’s commitment to Arriba Group and doing their best for everyone they meet.” Sue, WHS Consultant

“Working with people in my role in Arriba means working with diverse people in different roles. I love working with this diverse group of people and all the differences and similarities each person brings.” Depar, Data Engineer

“I love working and talking with people, and hunting for those star candidates!” Owen, Talent Acquisition Specialist.

“What I love about working with people in my role at Arriba is being able to provide support and have a positive impact on someone’s day.” Renee, Support Services Team Leader.

“Across all of the businesses I love the day-to-day interactions I have with people. Whether they’re asking for Marketing support or just even saying hello, the positive and friendly culture here makes me feel that my work is valued and that I’m building meaningful connections with people.” Kelsey, Marketing Coordinator.