Authentic Leadership – Marcella Romero for CEO Magazine

In June 2020, we had the honour of seeing Marcella featured in another edition of CEO Magazine. Marcella has been recognised for her authentic leadership and dedication to her customers, people and business.

From small beginnings moving to Australia at age nine from Chile, Marcella has incorporated the principles of hard work, respect and equality into the foundations of the Arriba Group. Moving to a new country with a different culture provided a unique insight for Marcella on what it’s like to be a minority, mistreated through enduring racism. But this only built Marcella’s resilience, and with this newfound sense of purpose, she knew it was her duty to be a “voice for people and do something meaningful”.

Since then, Marcella’s voice has provided many people with new opportunities across Arriba Group’s three businesses – LiveBig, AimBig and Rehab Management. Through these businesses, Arriba Group offers a variety of services that help others, including workplace rehabilitation, wellbeing and safety solutions, disability employment services and specialist allied health services.

A key highlight of Marcella’s feature in CEO Magazine is her dedication to equality, whether that be ethnicity, cultural beliefs, religion, colour or sexual preferences. Marcella says, “Everyone is equal to me, having faced adversity myself, I treat people with respect and help those who are in need. Giving back to the community is important.” This shows in Arriba Group’s attitude towards corporate social responsibility, partnering with numerous associations like Jeans for Genes, Cancer Council, Vinnies CEO Sleepout and Pink Ribbon.

Marcella encourages businesses to engage with LiveBig and AimBig to hire people with disability, helping to improve their own corporate social responsibility practices. “Many people have no idea how to engage businesses like us for help when it comes to employing people with disabilities. We’re employing people, so we’re helping the economy. It’s a win-win all around, and other companies can do it too.” Marcella asserts.

For Arriba Group, having a people-centric mindset has allowed the business to see continuous growth and success. “We’ve had a 100% success rate winning bids since 2010. It’s about keeping up with the demand because we’re good at getting customers. I’m proud of our team because we work hard to grow our business and create a future together. “

When asked about her leadership style, Marcella tells CEO Magazine that she leads by example, and would never ask anyone to do something she wouldn’t do herself. “I walk the talk; I respect people, regardless of their title. There’s a strong focus on staff retention, attraction, and creating value for our people and clients.”

Congratulations to Marcella on a fantastic feature in the CEO Magazine, showcasing her excellent leadership skills and passion for people. Her connection with staff and customers is an inspiration and is a key reason for the success of Arriba Group, making it a rewarding place to work.

You can read Marcella’s CEO Magazine feature here